New Richmond Store frontMy grandfather Eben Greaton started his jewelry career before World War 2 as an apprentice in watch repair.  After the war in 1950 he bought out the previous owner and opened Greatons Jewelry in downtown New Richmond, WI.  At that time Greaton’s specialized in watches and my grandfather was one of the most renowned watch repairmen in the entire mid-west.   From 1950 to 1975 my grandfather built Greatons into one of the most highly respected and successful stores in the area.

1975 was a landmark year for Greatons as it marked the year my mother, Karen, took over the business.  With her keen eye for fashion and business savvy my mother expanded the store’s jewelry inventory vastly.  Greatons became known not only for the esteemed craftsmanship and integrity my grandfather possessed but also for having an unmatched selection of premiere fine jewelry.

Greaton’s specialized quality and was always at the forefront of the industry, while keeping its small town, family owned, ideals.

For over 65 years Greatons strived to maintain it’s excellence as the world and the town of New Richmond changed around them.

In 2012 I stepped into the business alongside my mother.  With new blood and fresh ideas we opened our store here in Stillwater, Mn.  Allure was to be our rebirth into the 21st century and a new chapter the Greaton’s legacy.

With my mother’s retirement drawing near we made the choice to focus all our efforts on the bustling and consumer friendly town of Stillwater.  The New Richmond store opened its doors for the last time on December 27th 2014.

I invite and welcome you to my beautiful store, Allure by Greatons Jewelry, here in Stillwater, Mn.  The past 3 years have been packed full of education and professional growth for me.  Everyday I strive to live up to the highest of standards set by my family to serve you, my customer, to the best of my abilities.

The industry, the customer, really the whole world has changed since 1950 but the important things like craftsmanship, quality, integrity, and the personal relationships are what will always matter the most to us here at…

Allure, By Greatons Jewelry.

Reggie (Greaton) Gillespie