Flawless Beauty Within Reach

Lafonn offers extravagant expertly crafted designs in sterling silver, handset with the world’s finest simulated diamonds. Unsurpassed quality and dazzling perfection are the foundation of Lafonn’s brilliance and fire.

Stephen Estelle Jewelry

At Stephen Estelle Jewelry we work daily to produce the world’s finest jewelry. 99% of handmade jewelry is cast from a mould. We’re the 1% that is hand-fabricated from start to finish. While others are producing hundreds of pieces at a time, we’re producing one. Our bespoke treasures are crafted using simple, traditional tools, time, and centuries of expertise.


From its inception, the collection has featured the latest trends and the most innovative styles which transcend time.

Recognizing that our clients are seeking unique, well priced pieces that are superior in quality, the I. Reiss Collection is designed to always surpass our clients’ expectations and strive to set the trend.

With a twenty-year record of excellence, the I. Reiss Collection is known throughout the United States as one of today’s leading designers of fine jewelry. The company is committed to providing jewelry of the finest workmanship and supreme quality. Each piece is hand-crafted in 14K and 18K gold enhanced with diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Our collection of exclusive designs can be found in the finest jewelry stores in the United States.


Galatea: Jewelry by Artist’s creations are also designed to bring the beauty of the world to life by transforming pearls and gemstones into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Imperial Pearl

For three generations, IMPERIAL Pearl has developed the closest possible relationships with the world’s foremost pearl farms. Mutual respect, keen understanding of the challenges inherent in farming, and a sense of shared responsibility for the process and the environment in which it takes place, have forged a bond between farmers and IMPERIAL that produces benefits passed directly to IMPERIAL customers.
IMPERIAL is granted “first pick” privileges at the most coveted of pearl farms. Thus the finest pearls embodying the ultimate expressions of the “5 Virtues” – luster, shape, color, complexion, and size – are available to IMPERIAL first. And then to you.