Ladies, we all know how you love your jewelry.

Ask a woman today what she collects and why.  You’ll often learn that jewelry is a beautiful means of personal expression for the female collector. Jewelry plays a huge roll in conveying her distinct style sensibility and taste.  It can also imply a social conscience in some cases.

Unfortunately, for some of you, actually receiving that gem or piece of your dreams doesn’t come easily.  Many of us “Midwestern guys” find ourselves more interested in our next shotgun, fishing pole, four wheeler, or golf club…maybe your man’s spending his cash on a new video game or craft beers.  Face it ladies, if you want those shiny earrings, you may just have to buy them for yourself.

Here’s the good news….THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, in fact, from time to time, it may actually be BETTER this way! Let’s get real, have you seen your man’s new shoes?  Do you even let him pick out his own shoes?  I know many of you who are thinking “OF COURSE NOT!”  So, really, how else could you guarantee getting exactly what appeals to you,outside of buying it for yourself???

  Rather than flaunting her significant-other’s wealth, modern ladies are choosing to mark personal milestones with jewelry…bought by themselves, for themselves… to commemorate a new job, the birth of a child, or a number of meaningful achievements.