Every committed relationship and the love it stems from is unique. You can and should find a custom designed engagement ring that is uniquely fitting to both that love and the hand that will wear it for years to come. Every engagement ring has a story, but if you want yours to be a story as unique as your love than a custom engagement ring may be for you.

Benefits of Custom Designed Engagement RingsDSCN0959 


Here are some tips to designing a custom engagement ring.

  1. SKETCH OUT YOUR IDEA: Ask yourself: Do I have a distinct vision of the ring I want? Then, sketch out your idea as best you can. Go to jewelry stores and the Internet and take screen shots and sketch elements that catch your eye.
  2. FIND THE RIGHT JEWELRY DESIGNER: Once you have an idea  you’ll need to find a jeweler who specializes in customized engagement rings. Start with a jeweler you know, or chose a family owned jeweler that specializes in custom designed engagement rings. You should ask to see some previous work. Recognize that, as an artist, a jeweler will likely suggest touches to your idea so keep an open mind.
  1. COLLABORATE: You have your sketches in hand. You have a trusted jewelry designer. Now have an in-dept conversation to get your project moving in the right direction. Get a mock-up of the final product so you can give input and shift directions if it’s not exactly what you want. Also be sure to see all the elements (metal and stone or stones) in person, to get a better idea how it will look. Now you have your custom designed wedding ring  remember while its value is far greater than monetary don’t forget to insure your ring.