Hello everyone,
I am back from vacation and ready for spring.  What wonderful weather I came home too!
Since so many of you ask about how my mother, Karen, is doing I decided to add a couple vacation pictures for you all to enjoy.
vacation pic 1
vacation pic 2 

​Well it seems spring is officially here, and Stillwater is already starting to get busy again.  
I want to remind all of you who may be hesitant to take on the “Stillwater traffic” that we have plenty of parking both behind and to the side of the Brick Alley Building.
I am in the process of ordering lots of new and exciting merchandise for the season and will be sure to share some pictures once it has arrived.
Please remember that we are still a full service Jeweler and are happy to take care of all your Jewelry repair as well as custom design work.
Since we have a slightly smaller space here at Allure, I also wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that just because we may not have the exact style you are looking for in our showcase doesn’t mean we can’t find it for you, AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.
As always feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries or questions..
at your service,